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Christian Platform Entertainment 
We desire to help "The Body of Christ" connect in a way it has never connected before.  We believe simply that if everyone who calls Jesus "Lord" were to support each others gifting's and purpose, regardless of color, denomination or status "The Body" could have a greater influence over "the world".  As a "Christian Platform Entertainment" company, J'agape provides a way to showcase the talents of Christians Entertainers to a world wide audience by breaking through the walls that divide God's people. Our platform uses the power of "unconditional love" creative marketing and "out of the box" innovation to help those same entertainers reach an audience of people who don't attend religious services or who may have different beliefs. 

Meet The Team

Carla Seworth

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Visionary of Peculiar By Design, as well of J'Agape's non profit organization.  Life Coach & Inspirational Speaker

Shelton Seworth

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Founder and Visionary of J'agape Art Entertainment.  Radio Host, Inspirational Speaker, Marketing Plan Developer

LaSonya Whitt

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Poet, Comedian, Author, Radio  and event Host  

Reaching The World 

With Unconditional Love!


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