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Products that Inspire Greatness

Change happens whenever something bold and innovative challenges the status quo.  When the status quo is challenged a movement begins.  Change can come in many different forms.  The medium we choose to use is fashion and entertainment.  Use this page to find and purchase out some of the latest in Christian fashion, Christian music and  literary trends brought to you by J'agape and our partners.

From My Heart To Yours by LaSonya Whitt

January 03, 2023

An inspirational collection of poems from one of today's most sought after spoken word artist, comedians and host, LaSonya Whitt.  This book has something in it for everyone and for any occasion.  Available in soft copy and in audio!

Next Level by Jazz Digga

February 23, 2023

This album features the soul sounds of Jazz Digga.  The project uses the perfect combination of new and old school music to wrap content that will connect to your soul.  

Heaven On Earth by Gayle and Shaunee Brannan

May 28, 2023

This husband and wife team put together a collection of awesome worship songs designed to touch your soul and lead you through heavenly gates.  

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FTHaT Unisex Tees

January 03, 2023

Faith At Work Tee Shirts.  Where your faith on your chest.

Fred Williams by Fred Williams

January 01, 2020

Be sure to get this soul-foul project from Minister Fred Williams.  Praise and Worship like non you have ever heard.  

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January 01, 2020

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