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Does it Matter "Why" You do what you do?

Over the past few days God has been showing me examples of how we as people can sometimes do the right thing for the wrong reasons. Over life, something in me has always motivated me to check myself about the reasons I do the things I do. I realize that God cares about the heart of why you do the things you do not just things you do. As I stated this topic has been on my heart all week and I tell you God is faithful to answer us if we just listen. For example today, I woke up to a message from “God Tube” (a scripture email devotional I receive everyday) in which the scripture of the day came from Matthew 5:17-20. In verse 20 Jesus speaks specifically to the practice of a lot of the Pharisees of that time who did good things but did them to be seen favorably by PEOPLE. They did what they did to have a good name and not for the love of God or the people they were doing it for. Jesus is found throughout the New Testament rebuking these teachers of the law a lot of the time because of this exact reason. HE KNEW THERE HEART! My point is this, do what you do out of love and you can never go wrong. Your love for God will be expressed by the love you show your brothers and sisters daily. I implore you to always check yourself; check your motives; check why you do the things you do. Is it to be seen doing good, is it to hide the fact that you have struggles in your own life, is it for money profit or gain. No matter what your motive is, if your primary motives are not pure it is all for not. It may look good to people, but not to the God we love and serve.

Stay Encouraged! Have an extra blessed day and remember that if we keep LOVE (AGAPE) in all that we do we can never go wrong!

Morning Manna with J’Agape

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